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Tourism Services Representation


If you are a tourism supplier, such as an agency, destination management company, hotel or resort, tourist destination, convention centre, events venue, car rental firm, airline, museum, transport company, golf course or trips & events service, you may be interested in outsourcing the marketing of your product. tempo can represent your interests by developing a custom business plan and establishing the right time to position your brand.


Thanks to our 25 years’ experience in the tourist trade we have the resources to work with professionals in the sector (B2B) and also the final consumer (B2C), as determined by your goals, either through campaigns and/or specific promotions or representing your company on a regular basis.


We will establish a communication channel so that you are kept informed at all times of the progress of the actions under development. In this way we adapt our efforts to the evolution of the market.


If you wish to analyse how to apply this formula to your business, please contact us in order to define the strategy best suited to your needs.